Welcome to Jodie Scott Johnson Studio: A portrait studio with fun and unique ideas! We want to make your memories truly unique!


Welcome to Jodie Scott Johnson Studio & Design: A portrait and design studio with fun and unique ideas.

My name is Jodie Johnson and I have been a photographer pretty much all of my life. I started as a kid just taking pictures of my friends on an old film camera. I loved to capture all of my activities on film for the simple fact that I wanted to remember everything. Yes, I have thousands of pictures and digital files all over my house! I attended Seton Hill College, now University, and studied marketing and communications.  I believe that a photograph tells a thousand things, a unique story.  I love to do all types of photography from little ones to seniors to sports. I love my seniors and families the most. 

I have recently begun a model program for my Senior Photography.  Special themed sessions for both children and families will also be new for 2020. We are also going to be offering Custom Design Items starting in May 2020.

My life is full of 4 crazy and wonderful sons, a great husband, 1 dog and about 2 cats. My sons have been in front of my camera for years and they now sometimes get behind it and shoot with me.  My style is laid back and fun, classic with a little bit of edge. I like my clients to be relaxed, sessions are done at a slow pace. I will not rush you through a session, I take the time to get to know you and that will show in your images. I want to make unique memories that are truly you!

Take care,

Jodie Johnson